Compressor for VenoPulse

A very suitable compressor for the VenoPulse is the Sil-Air 15D minicompressor which, in Norway, is provided by Amatec AS. This is a very silent (30 dB/A) unit that can easily be placed under a table.

For those who have chosen this solution there are a few practical hints when preparing the unit for use, described below:

Back view:


Side view:


Front view:

The nipple has 1/4" threads and 1/4" tube for the hose. Fix the hose securely to the nipple.


IMPORTANT. Because of the constant bypass leaks of the VenoPulse pressure regulator the compressor will start every 5-10 minutes even when it is not used. To increase compressor lifetime it is advisable to either 1: turn of the switch (7), 2: Unplug the mains cord, or 3: Disconnect the pressure hose from the VenoPulse unit when the investigations are finished.